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Library Resources 

Reflecting the ever changing and growing scientific and technological developments of our time, the Library is striving to provide an up-to-date collection of engineering and technical literature with a sufficient depth, plus a wide range of publications in the social sciences, humanities and Islamic Studies.  It is necessary to support the on-going and prospective academic programmes and research of the University.  It also helps to broaden the student’s knowledge through reading.  To facilitate maximum use of the library resources, nearly all library materials are in open shelves, easily accessible to the users.  They are grouped as follows: -

  2. The main collection is arranged in a sequence of classification numbers which is a means of grouping together books on the same and related subjects.  The most common classification system Dewey Decimal Classification is in use.

  4. The Reference Collection consists of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, yearbooks, standard specifications, University calendars, bulletins and Engineering University Publications, etc.  The arrangement of these books is also according to their classification numbers.  Important books of daily use we are also kept here to act as a ready reckoner.

    The Reference Service is available even for industrialists, factory owners, working scientists and engineers whereas lending service is limited only to the faculty members and bonafide students of the University, as specified in the Rules and Regulations of the Library.


    It is perhaps the biggest collection of scientific and technical journals in Lahore.  It is also an integral part of the PASTIC directory of scientific and technical journals.  Through this directory or otherwise, references are provided within the whole country, especially to some important public sector organizations.

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